All About The Verve Week Review


Hello Everyone

I am so eager to get the word on this weeks’ All About The Verve about all the new and wonderful applications and services that are opening up and also making your life so much easier to do business with me. I have been hard at work with my writer to bring the verve your way. I also added tools and applications that are now available.

The first one is Calendly calendar tool that will showing up from this point on each blog. I am so pleased to be able to bring the convenience and accessibility to be able to schedule an appointment for anyone of my services. Company slogan: If if fits it goes. RoadWarrior.PW, ResumesByDMG.Best, Consulting Picture.Design.

The Calendly tool is very easy to use and I am happy to navigate you through these easy step by step instructions.

Simply click on the Calendly and then select the date. Then add the time in and out. Follow the prompts from that point on and once you have completed the process your appointment is set. You will get notice of confirmation.

Well onward and upward along with the Calendly tool and also added a new service. I would like to introduce you all to ConsultingPictures.Design. It is one of my more creative services that I provide. This service has several categories to talk about so let’s get started. https://calendly.com/dani_greenfield

Computer Works-Typing papers, figuring out software glitches, teach computers, laptops, desktops. Iphones and Androids, Ipads, and Android tablets. Ask me hourly rates.

Graphic Design-Highly educated and excellent design abilities. Please feel free to contact me on the Contact section about products and services available.

Music additions karaoke rentals, video and picture services, and so many more. The only way to see and read it all is to hop right over and have a look at ConsultingPicture.Design. Company slogan: I make things pretty.

These services are available all year long and each one of the services is just a part of my love and passion for what I do. I understand that it isn’t all easy to reach out and find these services. That is just one of the reasons that I have put together this company to bring these services to you all in one place. Making it easy to contact me and or set an appointment to have a service performed or just to inquire more information. It is all greatly welcome.

So we have reached the end of the updates. Please feel free to go back over the blog post to get to all the links shared. Each one will take to some part of BLUESYVOSSLLC and will be helpful in directing to whatever the next step is. Can’t wait to see you all next week.

Thanks again for joining me.

Dani Greenfield.

Let’s Talk: How My Services Help You?

I want to start out by saying that I hope you all are doing well during this time of re-opening and working with the virus. I want to ensure that here at Bluesyvossllc.com I am always using the most updated CDC guidelines for our community. Your safety and health is my top priority. 

Bluesyvossllc.com is my company where I have a list of general services that I provide to a long list of clients. The company’s goal is to be of service in any capacity that I am certified to offer. I have a lot of pride for what I do. I am always looking for ways to help in making life a little easier on a daily basis and to provide professional consulting advice from my years of experience. 

My ROADWARRIOR.PW personal transportation company complies just as the major companies like Uber. Social distancing is a key protocol for my company Consultingpictures.design. Virtual consulting as well as email and phone communications are all made easily available. Just reach out through this link talktodani which allows you to immediately book an appointment at your ease and level of comfort.  I take your health and my health very seriously.

This week as Tampa continues to open our city my services are becoming more and more popular as well as necessary. As stores, restaurants, even large events happening I have all your needs covered.

 ROADWARRIOR.PW has daily appointments ready to book, and if today isn’t in the cards but you know the date and time schedule it. Don’t worry! I will send you a reminder as the date approaches it is that easy. Summer is upon us.There are all kinds of things to book on your calendar. So don’t delay  like I said, things are opening up and I am keeping amply booked. Summer also brings about moving or cleaning out the garages. If there are any items that you would like picked up and removed from your property I am probably your gal to get it done. Using the talktodani link is the easiest way to get in touch with me. Also if it fits it rides. Some restrictions do apply. 

I encourage all of you to take a look around Bluesyvossllc,com at all the wonderful changes and upgrades. RESUMES is up and running and ready to work for you. Let me show how to really impress an employer with your skills and years of experience. Let’s get you up and out in the market. Having crisp clean updated RESUME created by my company is just part of the genuine service I believe in. I am able to accommodate one day turnarounds as long as all information is provided. 

Consulting Pictures.design is gearing up for business as I write this blog. I am offering consults for many different items needed to help your business succeed. Business cards, photography, graphics, and so much more. Do you have upcoming events that might need a photographer or consulting for the event? Get in touch with me using TALKTODANI.

Well that wraps another week’s worth of information. Stay tuned for next week’s verve. BE SURE AND SUBSCRIBE for the up to minute details right to your inbox. 


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